Your love is one of a kind. And her ring should be too. Ingram's Fine Jewelers can help you design and create the perfect ring, made just for her. The process is simple. The results are stunning. 


It Starts With a Sketch

When you come in and meet with one of our jewelers we will ask you to describe what you are looking for or even show us pictures of rings that you like. Some of our clients have shown us their favorite Pins on Pinterest, posts on Instagram, or even their own drawing. After we have a general sense of what you are looking for, we will sketch the design. If we are on the right track, we will then send the sketch to a professional artist to create a 3D image.

From Concept to  Reality

Once the sketch is transformed into a 3D image, we essentially have a "blueprint" of what the ring will look like. We review the design with you and gather your feedback so that the necessary adjustments can be made. If you approve of the design, we take measurements to give the perfect ring the perfect fit. The entire process only takes 3 weeks and we will help you every step of the way.